Luxurious Comfort Awaits

Step inside the arena at Southern Cross Luxurious Comfort Awaits.

Southern Cross Arena

The 160 by 85-foot arena is fully insulated to keep both rider and horse – and spectator, for that matter – warm in the winter and cool in the summer. There is even a heated viewing room compete with Wi-Fi.

Notable features:

  • Euro footing has been installed in the riding area.
  • The felt is made with short fibers that are mixed with sand to create a cushioning and moisture retaining footing
  • The watering system combined with the fibers means you have a dust free ride every time
  • The arena is harrowed twice a week to ensure the best riding conditions

No stone is left unturned.

Southern Cross Showjumpers

Southern Ontario’s only ‘Luxury Included’ Equestrian facility.


Postal address

1 - 49 Peavinery Rd. Brant, ON N0E 1A0

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